The financial planning process

The world over, financials planners use a six – steps process that helps them see the ‘big picture’ and determine where the person stands financially. Using these six steps, one can work out where he is now, what he may need in the future and what he must do to reach his goals. The process involves gathering relevant financial information, setting life goals, examining the current financial status and coming up with a strategy or plan for meeting the goals given the current situation and future plan. Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship. The financial planner and the client Continue reading

Why you need Financial Planning?

The need for financial planning arises from the need to meet the financial goals that enable the achievement of one’s life goals. These are determined by one’s understanding of the present situation, status, income level, wealth, responsibilities, aspirations, risk profile, ability to save, past and present lifestyle, etc.

Financial planning helps Continue reading

Benefits of Financial Planning

Just like how a house needs a strong foundation to withstand the elements, you need to have a solid financial foundation. Creating your financial foundation requires that you have the basics covered

Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. It involves the process of assessing your financial situation, determining your objectives and formulating a plan to achieve them. Financial Planning helps in taking control of your finances it assists you in curbing sort-term Continue reading

About Financial Planning

Many people think that financial planning is a once-and-done event that starts with the numbers and ends with investments and pie charts. But that’s not what true financial planning is about.

Financial planning is a comprehensive, ongoing approach that starts with helping you define your dreams, developing a plan to help you get there, then tracking your progress along the way, recommending changes where needed. It is a systematic Continue reading